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Do you need a boiler service in Maidstone?

Boiler Servicing

Is your annual boiler inspection due?

Then KMC Gas is your local Central Heating engineer to carry out the task. When you book a boiler service through us you will get a Gas Registered Engineer, 18 years of experience, and a 23 point functionality and safety inspection.

A Boiler Service in Maidstone by KMC Gas is not only very thorough but, also extremely reasonably priced from a company that is a Gas Safe Registered. Why not give us a call to find out how little your annual boiler inspection will cost. KMC Gas specialises in boiler repairs and Boiler Services in Maidstone.

What can happen if I don’t get my boiler inspected?

  • Build up of combustion deposits in the main heat exchanger creating less efficient combustion and therefore less heat being transferred to the water.
  • The condense trap can block up if not cleaned annually resulting in a flame failure lockout.
  • The expansion vessel can lose it’s charge resulting in the central heating pressure rising when the heating is on, then dropping to fault when off.
  • Minor issues like a small leak inside the boiler can rust through the case, resulting in almost all cases a new boiler being required.
  • Several manufacturers have released safety updates for parts that, if the original ones are left for several years can become dangerous and a fire hazard. These boiler manufacturers include Worcester, Baxi, Ideal and Vaillant.
  • A condense trap can dry out, resulting in fumes entering the property.
  • On older boilers the thermocouple condition can be assessed during a boiler service and replaced if necessary, if left too long a thermocouple will cause the pilot light to repeatedly go out.
Boiler Repairs
Boiler Repairs

What does a boiler service involve?

  • Check that your boiler is operating correctly.
  • Check the the installation complies with current safety standards.
  • Check the appliance controls and adjust if necessary.
  • Inspect the Boiler’s flue terminal and route.
  • Check the boiler’s thermocouple condition.
  • Inspect the Gas Meter for the correct labelling and sealing of the gas pipe.
  • Carry out a gas meter ECV let-by test.
  • Carry out a gas soundness test on the whole installation.
  • Increase gas pressure to check meter lockout point.
  • Inspect the visible parts of the gas pipe to the appliance.
  • Check the boiler’s emissions and combustion using a Flue Gas Analyser.
  • If required strip down and clean the heat exchanger (depending on combustion results).
  • Check the Boiler gas rate is correct (the amount of gas it is consuming)
  • Check the boiler burner pressure is correct.
  • Inspect the Hot Water Cylinder for leaks.
  • Fire up the central heating to and check the radiators warm up, bleed if neccesary.
  • Watch boiler pressure whilst the heating is on to indicate the expansion vessel charge level and re-pressurise if necessary.
  • Check and clean Magnetic filter if applicable.
  • Advise on most suitable way to operate the boiler for the system.
  • Fill out the Benchmark sectiuon of the boiler manual recording the Boiler Service history.

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