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KMC Gas install new Gas Cookers in Maidstone

We install new Gas Cookers across the Maidstone area.  The visit includes swapping the existing Gas Cooker hose assuming it is in good enough condition.  The whole gas installation will be tested for leaks and the new Gas Cooker will be tested for correct combustion.  At the end of the visit you will be given a safety certificate to say the installation complies with current Gas Safety Regulations and installed by a Gas Safer Registered Engineer.

Please read the important information before booking a visit.

Important information before you have your Gas Cooker in Maidstone installed

If the gas pipe is capped off you will need several components installed to be able to use a Gas Cooker, please email, text or Whatsapp KMC Gas images of the pipe so we can give you a price.

When fitting a new cooker in place of an old one the new bayonet fitting must be around 75cm off the floor and facing down, if this is not the case then pipework alteration will be required to comply with Gas Regulations.

A cooker chain or bracket has to be installed so if you currently do not have one please let us know so your Maidstone Gas Cooker installation will comply with Regulations

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